Love emerged,
entwined in the morning prayers
that echo far beyond the pink walls of the medina,
floating into the depths of our very hearts,
keeping us present in this love.
i see you in the yellow leaves of the walnut tree
that secretly grows in the deep crevices of the barren,
sun parched mountains, where only berber feet tread.
Above the hurt sky cries, the ground forgives and sustains,
for there too, you lie and wait for me,
in each stone that remains unturned.
I see you in the cool raid tadalak walls
that a thousand hands have touched and
in the ancient arches where the hooded shadows pass
and the magic casts its intoxicating spell on all who enter,
just as your love has done to me.
You are the stubborn berber taxi with an insulting sword
but you are also thesweetness of the morning skies that clothe me.
Yes, let me loose myself in the souks
and I will meet you in the dark shadows,
for now that i have found the key.
there is no lock which can keep me out.