Entwined symbol, kissed with myth,
shroud abandoned, exposed and found,
provoked by providence, absolved, converged,
the benediction, sacrificial, unborn emerged,
as matted grasses bend and weep,
sun bleached, bleed on virgin ground,
arched, mirrored, speak rhythm to a holy verse.
Encapsulate, spirit, primeval force collide,
a moments war turns bliss,
swept upon a distant shore, devise,
a mariner, hidden tale expel,
sea humbles, on shores of self unite,
hands join, a universal call awaits,
becomes echo to the passing winds.
Experience, turns a mighty ship,
the ancient ways, trace, the cup it pours,
ambivalent to the bone, restores,
the wise man seldom speaks, explores,
entwined with silence and self exposed,
mystery, anointed, devout in praise, arose,
on unturned stone that words await,
sacred breath, exiled, entwined with fate,
webbed and taut, scared fragile ,wise
upon the weaver's mill,
the harnessed self, free, subsides,
no constraint, no pleading here,
no waves of fire nor wind which anger pierced,
softly tread my friend and tender touch,
truth take me by the hand, draw near,
with blind man's eyes, I hear the humming of the brook,
run patterned stones, that scar the heart,
and landscapes a deeper sense of self,
that sacred ground has left undisturbed.
Lonely, upon a dampened grass of twilight calls,
stands still as memory adores,
I meet myself in shadow's door,
the threshold of reflection,
to where a future holds, steady unperturbed,
embracing, intimate with self and freeborn spirit shares,
no darkness edged, no fear nor doubt,
the sermon preached, etched, bible black,
as flint and twisted hawthorn rasped,
in to my softened heart,
stands apart and stillness wakes,
contained by love, draws near,
enlaced, weaved, disheveled,
love, entanglement unfolds,
into the timelessness of now,
a knot of knowing ,into the great release,
the garden i have made,
prostrate, the web of nature will bestow,
upon a tapestry of heart,
engaged, a faded pattern unrestrained,
as pillars of the temple stand,
arrest the soul and unify,
as you weave your self into my hair,
a cloak of mystic majesty,
as immortality i stare.
And i am me,
standing in your shoes,
so let it be,
the being in me,
the me in you,