Dragon breath upon my neck,
lifted angel comet tears the sky,
bamboo whispers, I pass with naked feet,
garland pearls stain, with angel eyes,
tears sting entwinned with love abandoned wise,
that peer within to seek the ancient priest,
Inside the cavern of our soul,
dark, hidden, mystery, unfold,
chants incite, freedom calls,
the mystic plane transpires.
The thorn has lodged a home
inside my side,
The temple where the rivers meet
and waters merge,
fills a space with mystic grace engage,
I leave the mountain path, unscathed,
surrender bestows,
upon a softened throne where the twisted bark doth grow,
and taint the heart to smile.
Whispers secret hidden in ancient stone
carved by wind and fire
initiate fate, into the garden i have grown,
tears of joy turn to pearls, whose chalice
empty, explored unfolds,
I have travelled on this winding road,
as shadows pass, night steals the day,
like madman barefoot
along a razors edge it sways
runs mindless, to where destiny
and fate emerge, enshrined