Gypsy girl speaks in tongues of angels whos matted hair and sweet oak daisy ribboned punctuations stare.
Autumnal winds brace around her, clothe her nakedness and charge her wildness with love and expectation.
leaves dance and disguise her smile which dust her eyes that ache for wisdom as she bares the stones washed on the shores of desire.
this wilderness is no place to roam and truths tears fall secret into the humming brook and scathe our footprints along the journeys end.
Bathed in the rainbows hand of joy that doest become a jaded shell meets us there with eyes of fire to annoit our naked souls.
seek her along the ancient and wooded path which memory will forsake and upon the ceremony of lifes long days as written into the diary of our dreams.
I kiss this sacred ground borne to us as the spell of night steals the preciousness of day and leaves its mark upon a fragile heart,
is that which I must bare and guide the ship to shores of peace and calm. Maybe I will find you there before the ghost will haunt each hungry sail.